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We believe natural approaches are the future of better mental healthcare. What do we mean by natural? In many ways, natural just means a more personalized approach that’s in-tune with what a full system (body, mind, and heart) needs to thrive. It’s also grounded on one truth:

Within each person there is a powerful, innate capacity for self-healing that can be activated by the right kind of attention and support.

Focus | Distressed Brain Resilience Kit

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This Kit was specifically designed to support Focus and productivity. The Kit provides holistic approaches to support your mind, body, and heart as you rebalance your nervous system and focus your brain. 

This Kit contains: 

  • 1 Bottle Focus
  • 1 Container Unwind
  • 1 Soothing Aromatherapy Inhaler
  • Staying Sharp by Drs. Henry Emmons & David Alter
  • Isochronic Music Download to Support Attention
  • NMH Supplement Organizer